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Having years of experience working together with agriculture expertise producing high quality treated coir fiber pith to the overseas. Our products are recreated from a renewable source, are 100% organic and recyclable.

  • Environmental friendly
  • Higher survival rate
  • 100% Organic
  • Low water logging conditions

Why Choose us ?

Enriched with a wide selection of a coconut husk and coconut fibers which are taken in to our production process to provide the best possible fiber for our wide production lines. These pellets are an excellent growing medium for both seed and cutting propagation, horticulture, greenhouse growing and tissue culture propagation.

Organic Agriculture

Creating a holistic production system which promotes the Agro-Eco system health and enhancing the biodiversity.

Increased Biodiversity

Creating a little biodiversity in your backyard having a positive impact on the environment without synthetic pesticides and a natural way fertiliser.

What inspires us?

Customer satisfaction

Succeeding through the premium quality which enhance the brand which always keeps in consumers mind. Spreading a global agronomic support and marketing network taking pride in providing a sustainable green solution in a world where consumers demand for organic and eco-friendly cultivation options.


Deliver a premium quality than the consumers expectation.


100% organic substrates used to care for the environment and safe durable packaging.

On-time Service

On-time delivery experience for over 20 years. Keeping the customers trust on the service.

Best Resources

Choosing the best raw materials for production, Assuring the quality with adequate testings.







Providing natures unique gift to the world


A Spongy material that binds the coconut pith into husk, where it act as a good soil conditioner being extensively used for soil less medium for agri-horticultural process.


It is relatively water proof and one of the fewest natural fiber resistant to damage by salt water giving a spring effect.


Best material to enhance potting mixture porosity, holding average water and humidity requiring less water supply. Its cation exchange capacity is more helping to absorb nutrients, helping in nursery seeding.

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Manufactures and producers of premium quality products from coconut extractions and substrates. 100% natural and ECO friendly production facilities maintaining the highest international standards.


Magulagama, Kuliyapitiya,
Sri Lanka. 60221
Phone: (+94) 777 740 704

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